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Asteri International's commercial services are covering the most vital areas for improving a company's commercial capabilities. Based on research and facts, we take a holistic approach of the whole company, its market, and customers' buying behavior, to calibrate all vital areas with the sole purpose of creating sales excellence and cross-functional efficiencies. We create world-class customer-centric organizations.

Sales Capability Assessment

A qualitative study of the Sales organization, the customers, and the product/Service portfolio will help to determine which sales logic should be applied depending on your customers' buying behaviour and your industry, product, or service offering.


We will conduct a gap analysis mapping your current situation and a world-class sales organization, based on a holistic view of the strategy, processes, tools, methods, KPIs, sales staff, and leadership structure.


This can be complemented with individual sales competency assessments to determine the strengths and development areas of the sales staff. 

Performance Management

Many times the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are too many, contradictory, or still the same, even though the business and ways of working have changed.


Based on research and facts, we can help you define the KPIs relevant for your business's Critical Success Factors, and implement a coaching and steering structure which will motivate and lead your sales force and support functions in the right direction.

Business Coaching

We will design a coaching program, which will sharpen your sales staff to perform world-class sales meetings. Coaching before, during, and after the customer meeting will ensure behavioural change.


Coaching is also applied to business planning and development, as well as competence development, and career path planning.

A true leader does not solve the problem, provide the solution, but rather make their subordinates come up with the solution themselves. That is how you make people grow, and you avoid becoming too operational and less strategic. 

Behaviour Analysis - Extended DISC

DISC personality assessment can be used as a tool to match the most suitable personality type to a certain job. It can also be used as a sales tool to better understand and communicate with customers or to increase the effectiveness in cross-functional teams.


We are certified, and perform DISC assessments, analysis, and training to improve communication and collaboration in an organization, as well as with its customers and partners. These assessments are based on behaviour science as well.

Individual Sales Capacity Assessment

The Sales Capacity Assessment is a suite of sales assessments specifically designed for individuals in sales. This assessment can be done remotely and takes about 25 minutes to complete.


  • Hiring and selection

  • Training and development

  • Coaching

  • Sales team training and development

  • Strategic salesforce management

The report includes

  • Sales Competence Scores for 18 critically important areas

  • Sales Mindsets to identify obstacles to success

  • Ranking of Sales Roles matches, from high to low

  • Percentage Matches for different types of sales roles

  • Match Percentages Breakdowns by 18 Competences for each sales role

  • Excuse Index® to clearly identify how focused a person is to sell

  • Individualized interview questions

International Business Management

If you are in a need to create an efficient Key Account organization or set up an international organization based on Global Account Managers, or cross-functional sales teams. 


If cross-cultural communication is a challenge, we have the tools, processes, and training based on over 20 years of international B2B Sales in both smaller and larger multinational enterprises.

Sales Transformation & Development

Let us train and develop your staff to excel in consultative B2B sales and to better manage business complexity, increase hit-rate, and grow the business. The training, which is 100% customized to fit the companies challenges, needs, and customer buying behaviour can combine e-learning, interactive classroom setting, and hands-on coaching to embed new knowledge in daily work, and convert theory into ability.


It can be designed to cover specific topics, or as a continuous training program. We encourage to invest training for support functions to the sales organization as well, or cross-functional teams since we strongly believe in calibrating the whole company to support sales.


For larger sales training initiatives we offer the vast training solution portfolio of Mercuri International, who is the leading sales training company in the world. Asteri International is a partner and associate consultant to Mercuri International

Leadership Development

Different Business Logics require different types of leadership. Let us work with your leaders to create an environment where people grow, maximize their performance and utilize their maximum potential.


We will transform the leadership into a modern, agile, motivational, and focused role that makes people grow and flourish.


We address areas like coaching, feedback, presentation techniques, effective delegation, time management, effective meetings, situation based leadership, and much more.

Processes & Tools

Do you need an efficient proactive customer-focused sales process that will help you to visualize, measure progress, and can be used as a coaching platform?


Or do you need the sales tools ranging from account planning, opportunity management, stakeholder mapping, meeting preparations, negotiation and more? We will help you to embed all this in your daily operations.


As for CRM, we offer Membrain, the #1 Sales Effectiveness Platform for Complex B2B Sales, which has won several awards.

Apart from providing a central repository of customer information, Membrain enables you to develop a milestone-based, informative, and actionable sales process and embed any methodology.

Once in use, it sits at the centre of the salesperson’s daily workflows, identifying and guiding winning behaviours, providing sales-enabling content, encouraging coaching, and delivers reliable forecasts based on milestone progressions instead of gut feelings.

In addition, it provides win/loss and performance analytics that enables sales leaders to coach more effectively and continuously improve strategy and process.

Change Management

To change the strategy and set up goals is the easy part, but to achieve change in behaviour and get people on board on the new journey, or change old habits is the difficult part.


We support you step by step and create strategic alignment from the top down through the organization with ADKAR, one of the most known and proven change methods in the world.


We will take the organization through the stages of change: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement to make sure that new wanted behaviours are embedded in the ways of working and the organization continues to develop.

Motivational Speeches & workshops

Let us be a source of motivation, and challenge old truths about sales success factors. Let us help you to see things from new perspectives with evidence-based theories related to sales or Cash flow management.


We can do a 1-2 hour presentation at a  conference, or 1/2 - 1-day workshop to create inspiration and innovation at your company, or to address a specific topic to enhance knowledge and capabilities.

Let's discuss your specific needs, and find the best solution!

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