Asteri International Inc. is a Toronto based consulting company focusing on improving business growth by creating Business Effectiveness and Sales Excellence by optimizing resources and aligning strategies processes and people.


We help our customers to create more customer-centric organizations, as well as improving cash flow through financial advice and lending solutions. We take a holistic approach to our customers' current situation and desired future state and find the best and most effective solution, addressing all relevant areas.

George Rizopulos


George is a Senior Consultant at Asteri International, focusing on Sales effectiveness, Business Development, and Organizational efficiency. He also supports companies who want to enter the Canadian market.

George has over 20 years of international B2B sales experience in management positions from IT, Telecom, and transport solutions.
In addition to this, he has several years of experience as a senior management consultant focusing on B2B sales and leadership development at one of the world's leading research companies on B2B Sales Excellence.


George speaks 6 languages, has lived, and worked in 5 different countries. He has significant experience in change management, organizational and leadership development. He has developed organizations and managed cross-functional sales teams. George has designed and implemented strategies, tools & methods, processes, and performance management structure. He has also conducted B2B sales and leadership training in 39 countries around the world for large global enterprises.

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/georgerizopulos

Liliana Rizopulos


Liliana is our Financing Expert and responsible for Asteri’s financial services portfolio.  Decades of experience in the financial field have shown Liliana that many companies struggle due to the lack of financing and cash flow planning. She is committed and has the knowledge and experience to help our clients find and structure the funding support to growth and success.   

Liliana is also the president of Liquid Capital Financial services.  Before Liquid Capital, Liliana held positions at different public and private organizations in Europe, North and South America.  She holds an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, a BSC in Finance and International Relations and speaks four languages.

Liliana is an advocate for women’s development into financial independence.  She is a Director of the Board at the Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Burlington Chamber of Commerce, the Oakville Chamber of Commerce,  The Canadian Women’s Chamber of Commerce, and Haltech Innovation, among other organizations supporting entrepreneurs in Canada.    

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lilianarizopulos/