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Financial Services 

We are great at what we do, let us help you to be more efficient at what you do  

Our Services

We are skilled out-of-the-box thinking partners and lending decision-makers, with access to significant sources of capital that exercise efficient lending practices. These are not only qualities that are nice to have in a funding partner they’re critical to the success of your business. There are 4 core qualities you should demand in any funding partner:

You will get a strategic consultation that factors into your unique needs. We’ll help you identify and explore your options and the final decision is always yours.


Expert Advice

You will get fast financing. Approved clients often receive fundings in under 24 hours.



You will never be surprised by hidden terms and will never be constricted by complicated provisions. Transparency is key.



You will gain a strong partner and advisor for your financing growth.


Our partner Liquid Capital has deployed over $3 Billion in working capital across North America. Fast financing. Approved clients often receive fundings in under 24 hours.


Trust & Capability

* Our financing offering is mainly coordinated through Liquid Capital Financial Services, our partner, where Liliana is the Managing Partner. For more information, please click on the following link.

Financial Consulting & Training

Most companies approach lenders and strategic partners without previous planning or preparation. We will assess your financing needs and will help you identify and unlock tied-up capital or assist in creating a professional business plan that will enable you to obtain a loan or attract investors.


We also offer customized financial training for business owners. We provide our clients with tools that will allow you to always have full control over your company’s financial and cash flow situation so that you will always be one step ahead.  In summary, you will finally be able to sleep at night!

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