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How prepared is your staff or recruitment prospect for the sales profession?

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Do you want to find out the level of sales competence of your staff, or recruiting prospects?

Sales is a science in itself. There are many both organizational as well as individual success factors which will determine if a company is set up for sales excellence, or not. On the individual level, different sales approaches, and different personality styles are better suited depending on the sales logic. Complex consultative solution sales requires different organiationonal set up, tools, processes, KPIs than Traditional fast paced sales with high volume deals and short sales cycles. But also the sales skills and personality traits are different. There is a way to assess if a person is more suitable for Traditional or complex sales, or maybe not for sales at all. The assessment is based on behaviour science. Contact me if you want more information, or maybe have a situation where you need to assess a team, or prospect candidates.

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