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Be aware of the “Super trends”, or risk falling behind!

In this blog, I am sharing some highlights about a newly released book that I would like to promote. It is a must-read for any business leader, and especially those focusing on Sales & Marketing. It was published by ProSales Institute, and was written by Henrik Larsson-Broman, and Peter Siljerud, who both are thought leaders in their respective fields. I have had the pleasure to work with Henrik during 7 years in the past, and have always been impressed by the quality of ProSales' research when it comes to sales, marketing, leadership, and the evolution of global trends affecting business. This book "Supertrenderna" was originally written in Swedish, and is translated to English as “The Super Trends”

I will give only give you an overview of the content of the book in this blog. In later blogs or articles, my intention is to make a summary of each one of these super trends, based on my interpretation. Hopefully, it will create some discussions, and encourage more people to buy the book, which I totally recommend all of you to do. I cannot do the book justice in my subsequent series of blogs, only give you a glimpse and hopefully create some interest. These trends are too important to ignore!

Here are the 9 super trends with each respective sub-trends.

1. The great Powershift

It’s all about the customer!

· Polarization of Sales Logics

· Interdependencies

· Customer value Orientation

· Personification

· Hyper competition

2. New Business Models

Business in the footsteps of digitalization

· The Innovation Acceleration

· The E-business Boom

· The Platform Revolution

· The Collaborative Economy

· The Gig Economy

3. Meaningful Enterprise

Values as a competitive edge

· The war over the brains

· The Millenials

· A sense of context

· Karma capitalism

· Happynomics

· Gamification

4. The search for Trust

The trust as a currency

· The Knowledge Explosion

· Total Transparency

· The Truth Inflation

· The Real Deal

· Thought Leaders

· Digital lighthouses

5. The effective Human being

Time is money

· Servicification

· Increased Perceived Lack of Time

· The Paradox of Choice

· Virtual Relations

· Self Service

6. Social media is taking over

New meeting points for business relations

· Social Selling

· Influencer Marketing

· Tribalization

· Tubification

· The Pod Explosion

· Social Listening

7. Smart Machines

Human-like interfaces

· Algorithmification

· Artificial Intelligence

· Big Data

· Automation

· Chat Bots and Voice Controlled Assistants

· Face recognition

· The singularity

8. Technified Sales

Digital tools for the sales work of the future

· Martech

· Omni Channel

· Marketing Automation

· Account-Based Marketing

· Programmatic Advertisement

9. Digital “bubbles”

Evolving future Technologies

· Internet of Things

· Quantum Computers

· Virtual Reality

· 3D-Printers

· Blockchain

This is the book reference: ISBN 9789163995408 in Swedish and ISBN97891512643 in English

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